(Deluxe) Portrait Book.

With the success of ELABS debut hardcover, I wanted to bring something different to the photo world with the very first deluxe portrait book displaying archives of New York City +more. Available 12/?? online


Blueprint 2.



It’s been over a year since ELABS TV® aired a music visual! I pulled up on Loudiene in the trenches. A big goal for my brand is to be versatile as possible. One-take VHS Film dir. by me! Loudiene- Pringle Freestyle out now shot in New Orleans, LA.


Blurb Influencer Ad.

In October I partnered with Blurb Books for my first Influencer campaign. Their self-publishing tools offer you to be featured via Amazon Books, Ingram, Apple + more. We wanted the process of creating your first printed project to be as simple as possible. As a photographer from Mississippi, teaming with Blurb means the world to me since I’ve been using the company for years. There is no better feeling than planning an idea to make it come to life. A printed portfolio is something I have always believed in to take your work to the next level. For all of my peers who often ask how do you make your first physical zine or book…today is the day to start!! Go create now! Me & Erin Batiste set the tone now it’s your turn. Enjoy PROMO CODE: (ELBAS35) for 35% off your debut project up until 10/31. #WhyIBlurb

Portrait Book.

My published book, dedicated to my grandfather who passed from Parkinson’s disease. “Highs & Lows” features portraits from AWGE, Currensy, A$AP illz, Metro Boomin, Gashi, Tay Keith, Dreezy, Westsidegunn, FREEWATER, JID, Lil Yachty + more. Carrying his name motivates me to keep legacy alive especially with his obsession of cool cars. Web-shop link to purchase is back open in bio @ 9AM worldwide. Sold out 2x...all a dream from a note pad in 2017.



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