Published on September, 5 2019

by Earnest J. Steed

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-Who is Ian Woods?


1. What particular moment in your life did you know you wanted to start painting??

IAN, "My freshman year of highschool."

2. Where are you from? How does your city help motivate you to keep striving? 

IAN, "I'm from Dallas/ Ft. Worth, and the city I live in at the moment just motivates me to keep working on my craft."


3. What separates you as an artist in 2019?

IAN, "I'm not afraid to make anything."

4. How can a creative block help/ hurt you as an artist?

IAN, "I don't think they hurt you at all."

5. What is your #1 goal in life? 

IAN, "Have gallery shows all over the world and collabing with big brands."

Photos Courtesy of Ian Woods.

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