Published on December 25, 2018

by Earnest J. Steed

A$AP ILLZ is a New York creative which talents include: modeling, designing, etc. I collaborated with him to document his surroundings to show him as a product of his environment. I was able to capture ILLZ in multiple looks to exemplify his unique personal style. ILLZ explained that the park we were walking to is very dangerous at night and that cops did not want people at this certain location at night for safety precautions. He informed us that the cops actually gave out tickets for people disobeying this law. Knowing that information we did the best we could do with the time we had. So these are a couple of the flicks we end up coming out with for the first half of our encounter.


photographed by Earnest J. Steed

ELABS ©2020

NYPD* Bronx, NYC 2018

A$AP Mob cultivates New York culture in one. They are NYC based group created by Steven Rodriquez, better known as A$AP YAMS. They consist of different visual artist, such as, rappers, producers, creative directors and models. Each member has their significant difference as in style. Thats why I think the mob is so highly respected around the globe. A$AP ILLZ happens to be one of my favorite because his laid back demeanor sets him apart. He stays out of the mix and sticks to his roots. With all of the success of the mob in the recent years, ILLZ stills remains the same. Living in his hometown hood of Bronx isn't something you see everyday from an high profile creative. He did not let the money change him and he continues to carry the same energy he came into the game with. This is what makes A$AP ILLZ a product of his environment.

Real Support is rare these days. As you can see ILLZ is seen displaying his good friends over at Chinatown Market Rhinestone hoodie in Black. He likes to support the ones on the way up. Not to many remain that humble. We later went back up to his Bronx apartment and got a few more flicks in before leaving to catch the train. Check them out below + VHS scences in the Video Category on the next page.


Bronx, NY

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